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Let’s Build Your Dream Treehouse

Because we believe that a beautiful treehouse can only be enhanced by a beautiful environment, we understand the importance of the impact of our construction:

  • Arborist evaluation of the supporting and surrounding trees
  • Reasonableness in function of only what is necessary
  • The use of treehouse attachment bolts (TAB); engineered and recognized in the industry by treehouse building experts and certified engineers as the appropriate method to use in order to protect the tree as best as possible
  • Uniquely tailored construction allowing for the perfect equilibrium between the treehouse and its supporting trees allowing them to live together harmoniously
  • Minimal penetration into the natural environment with construction techniques avoiding the use of mechanical devices as much as possible
  • Use of local and untreated wood species from sustainably managed forests

To enable your dream to become a reality, we respect YOUR environment to allow you to truly benefit from the harmony between your treehouse and its surrounding natural habitat.





Nouvelles constructions, projets à venir, ...

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