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What are the steps for building a treehouse?

  • An initial consultation by email and/or phone to understand your project ideas and determine whether it is feasible.
  • Perform an on-site consultation and meet with you to plan your build, discuss various design options, and take measurements in preparation for construction. The fee varies depending on your location (and such fee will be deducted from the overall project cost if you move forward with the project).
  • We bring your project to life by sending you designs and sketches, as well as a detailed quote. This will allow you to carry out the preliminary steps with your local authority.
  • Validate the final design and quote with you.
  • Validation of the supporting tree(s) by a licensed arborist.
  • Order materials and begin construction (pre-fab in the workshop, then build on-site).
  • Walkthrough of the project and safety control by an independent organization depending on the destination of your treehouse (i.e., if it will be open to the public).

Do you need authorization by the city or local authority to build a treehouse?

Yes, any type of construction with a footprint of more than 5m2 is subject to authorization and approval by the local authority.

Depending on the size and location of your project, it will be subject to a simple prior declaration of work or a building permit.

We, therefore, recommend that you contact your town hall in order to find out about the town’s planning regulations in force and to take the necessary steps.

Are the treehouses habitable?

Our treehouses are "enclosed and covered". We design and build the supports and accesses, the wooden structure, the roofing, and install the doors and the various desired finishes and options.

Depending on your project, it is quite possible to install all the options to make it habitable in our treehouses (water, electricity, etc.). In this case, the project will be designed accordingly, and you can call on a trusted tradesmen for the specialty trades, such as electricity and plumbing, for installation in the treehouse.

How can I know if my tree can accommodate a treehouse?

Depending on the project, different configurations are possible: one or more support trees, posts in addition to a support tree or, in the absence of trees, construction only on posts.

For a project on a support tree, we recommend the use of healthy trees, robust species such as oak or beech, for example, and relatively well-protected from climatic constraints (wind, etc.). To validate this choice, we recommend an arborist evaluation of the support trees by an independent expert to ensure their good health and, therefore, the longevity of your treehouse.

How long does it take to build a treehouse?

It all depends on the project and its complexity in terms of area, height and access. From just a few days for a children's playhouse to several weeks for larger treehouses.

How much does a treehouse cost?

Each project is unique in its scope and location; therefore, to best provide you with your dream treehouse, it is difficult to answer this question precisely.

However, in order to get an idea of ​​your budget, our catalogue will provide you with initial answers based on the different models of treehouses and various add-on options.

Is the treehouse safe and secure?

Yes, all of our builds are designed and built with particular attention to safety.

  • Safety of the trees that support the treehouse via an arborist evaluation.
  • Security of the treehouse, treehouse hardware and access by building according to expert recommendations in the treehouse building industry.
  • Safety check by an independent third party at the end of the build for the treehouses intended to be open to the public.

What is the process for monitoring and maintaining a treehouse?

In order to ensure a good longevity of your dream treehouse, various aspects should be inspected regularly. We can offer you inspection visits as part of a maintenance package.




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