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You dream of a cabin? Contact us.

Through email and phone communication, we will discuss your project and ideas, providing you with initial feasibility considerations.

Next comes the time for a meeting, where we will visit your site to discover the location and discuss different placement options, taking into account your preferences. This step also allows us to take the necessary measurements.

We then bring your project to life by providing you with plans, sketches, and a detailed price quote. After discussion and approval, these documents will enable you to complete the necessary procedures with your local municipality.

If your project involves building in a tree, a phytosanitary expert will validate the support after their assessment.

Finally, the construction begins! Initially, in our workshop, we prepare the various structural elements, and then our team of specialists in high-altitude construction works on-site.

If your cabin is intended for public use, an independent organization will conduct a safety inspection.

There you have it, your dream of a cabin has come true, and you will be able to enjoy unforgettable moments with your loved ones or share this dream with your clients.




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